Anti-wear protection


Our SPC® products are our solutions for protecting surface areas affected by constant abrasion and for supporting other essential parts on affected equipment, like rollers and rings. They are applied continuously through a specifically designed applicator and create a homogenous protective layer.

Preventive maintenance

Reduce metal abrasion on wheels and rails by up to 80%, saving you costly machine downtimes and expensive replacements parts, thus extending the operating life of your machinery.


Integrate enviromentally safe and degradable lubricants that contaminate neither ground, water nor air and produce no toxic, flammable or explosive by-products.

Innovative friction control

Change the friction coefficient where necessary without sacrificing any protective properties to either further improve adhesion or minimize friction damage.

Highly durable and resistant

Benefit from highly durable materials used as ingredients to make our coatings not only resistant to weather, humidity but also extreme temperatures (305°C) without loosing any of their properties.

Simple implementation

Designed for minimal installation effort and incorporating an easy replacement mechanism our products require little knowledge and labor to attach and maintain.

Traction controlSPC®-MSB

To mitigate the loss of traction metal surfaces encounter when normally lubricated, SPC®-MSB contains an innovative traction enhancer, that maintains the ideal friction coefficient (approx. 0.35µ) between the two contact areas, while still retaining the protective properties of all our SPC® products.

This prevents emerging slippage and increases the operating life of equipment drastically, while simultaneously decreasing downtimes for replacement and maintenance.

Slide controlSPC®-TSB

SPC®-TSB reduces the friction coefficient between two metal surfaces to 0.05µ. This converts a rubbing motion to a sliding one, which minimizes friction damage on parts that require no traction.